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Your Child's World Just Got Bigger

Introducing delightful robots that fuse play with programming for kids of all ages.

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Meet Bo & Yana

Bo is an explorer. Bo is playful and curious. Bo loves going on adventures and making new friends. As you play together, Bo learns new skills and becomes a more capable robot. Together, there's no stopping where you and Bo can go.
Yana is a storyteller. Yana is clever, imaginative and full of dreams. Yana can surprise and entertain you by bringing characters to life as you play! Use the power of your imagination to unlock Yana's potential.

Programming For All Ages

5-8 Years
Visual programming interface for kids 5+ that weaves in music, stories and animation. Learn coding by looking at and tweaking the code behind the visual interface.
8-12 Years
Go beyond the play — use visual programming languages created by MIT and Google, Scratch & Blockly to program. Our libraries and tutorials make these languages a lot more fun!
12+ Years
Write code — for fun, and to build applications for iOS and Android using our API. You can still weave in the play interface if you want!
Online repository of programs
With a single touch, share your program with others. Use, edit, remix and learn from programs that others share.
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Play Possibilities
Are Endless

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API for Developers

Prototype, hack, extend
With our API, you'll get full control over all of Bo & Yana's capabilities, in the language and on the platform of your choice.
Early access to Bo & Yana
You will get the very first robots from our manufacturing run. Play with and program Bo & Yana before anyone else gets their hands on them!
Limited quantity
As one of the first 100 developers at launch, you get to help define the API. We are continuously evolving and defining our API, and we would love to include you in the process.

Give the Gift of Opportunity

Every child deserves access to computer science education.

Play-i was founded with the mission to bring the joy and magic of programming to every child. We want Bo & Yana to also reach children who cannot afford them. This is where you come in. Every dollar you contribute will go towards robots for schools and organizations that serve underprivileged children.

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The Play-i Team

Dear Friends,

We founded Play-i almost a year ago with one mission: to make programming fun and accessible for every child. It has been an exciting journey as Bo & Yana came to life, thanks to the input and help from hundreds of children and parents who played with our robots at different stages of development.

We truly believe that Bo & Yana make a child's world bigger. We have been touched by your support in helping us meet, and exceed, our goal. Thanks for believing in us, and we are now working hard on getting Bo & Yana to you!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

The team at Play-i

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the recommended age group?

    We are building Bo & Yana for children of all ages to program. There is an interface for 5-8, for 8-12 and for children over 12 as well. Read more here.

  • Do I need both Bo & Yana or can I just get one?

    Bo & Yana work great independently. They can also sense each other and this ability allows them to be used together for more advanced gameplay and new programming challenges.

  • Do I have to be a tech geek to set this up?

    Bo & Yana connect wirelessly with your mobile device through Bluetooth. Just start the app and hand it over to your child. They’ll know what to do.

  • When will I receive my robot?

    We are working with our manufacturing partners to get robots to you as early as possible. Crowdfunding backers are in the first batch. If you pre-order now, your order will be in the second batch, which ships before Christmas 2014.

  • What is the shipping cost within United States?

    Shipping is free to locations in United States. We are limiting how many robots you can buy in each order currently. Please contact us if you want to place a larger order.

  • Can I get Bo & Yana shipped to my country?

    Currently we’re only shipping internationally to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the EU countries, and now Taiwan, Singapore, India, and Japan. Please tell us what country you are in, and if we see enough demand for a country or region, we will do our best to open it up to those countries as soon as possible as we did for the other countries.

  • What is the international shipping cost?

    Currently we’re only shipping internationally to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the EU countries, Taiwan, Singapore, India, and Japan. Shipping is a flat $20 for the entire order to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the EU countries while it is a flat $50 for Taiwan, Singapore, India, and Japan.

  • Can you tell me more about the Play-i team?

    Play-i was founded by 3 people who share a passion to make learning to program fun for children. We are inventors, designers, programmers — but above all, we are parents ourselves. Vikas is a Computer Scientist and an entrepreneur. He led Amazon Payments services, founded Jambool (acquired by Google) and headed Consumer Payments for Google. Mikal is an Industrial Designer, and inventor. He led engineering at the world renowned design firm frog design, where he created and took several consumer products to market. Saurabh is an Electronics Engineer and maker of consumer products. He led the iPod software team at Apple, overseeing 10 generations of iPods over 6 years.

  • Can I also buy the accessories shown on the site?

    Yes! Simply add the accessories to your cart when you order your robots. You can also always add them on later!

  • Will the robots be available in other colors?

    Bo & Yana are only available in Play-i’s signature blue color with orange accents. However, you can customize Bo & Yana with different outfits.

  • Can robots be programmed using other programming languages?

    Yes. Our visual programming interface is great for young learners. Older and more experienced kids can use Scratch, Blockly and other languages to develop complex programs for Bo & Yana. We are also developing API that will let you program the robots in the programming language of your choice.

  • Will there be more robots?

    At the moment, we are putting all our energy into making Bo & Yana work for children, and deliver a fun learning platform.

  • What will the robots retail for?

    Right now we are making Bo & Yana available to you for close to what it will cost us to get them to you. When Bo & Yana are available to purchase in the future, they will be at a higher price.

  • What devices are compatible with the robots?

    Bo & Yana connect wirelessly using Bluetooth 4.0. Currently our visual interface for children works on iPhone 4S, iPhone5, iPhone5S, iPhone5C, iPad Air, iPad 3, IPad mini, iPod Touch (5th gen). We will have the programming interface working on Android shortly. Current set of Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 support include Nexus 7 & 10, and Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S4 Mini, Note 2 and Note 3. Programs written to our API on any device that can communicate over Bluetooth 4.0 will be able to interact with the robots too.

  • Will these robots work with Android?

    Yes. We've heard loud and clear from our customers that they want Android support. We will have our visual programming interface working on Android by the time the robots ship! Please see above for the list of Android devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 currently. The good news is that Android 4.3 recently announced in-built support for Bluetooth 4.0, so we expect this list to grow considerably.

    Lest we forget, our API will work for any device and platform that supports Bluetooth 4.0.

  • Can you share the technical specs for the robots?

    Bo & Yana have rechargeable batteries and use Bluetooth LE for communication. Every actuator and sensor on the robots is programmable. Both Bo & Yana have a micro-USB connector for charging.

    Bo has the following programmable actuators: two motors for driving, two motors for head pan and tilt, an eye light-ring for emotions, two full-color ear lights, one headlight, one tail light, one speaker with customizable sounds, and four IR beacons to advertise its presence. Bo has the following sensors and inputs: four buttons, three distance sensors to detect obstacles in front and back, a sound sensor, two wheel encoders in the base, two head encoders for precise head positioning, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and two IR detectors for other robot's beacons. In addition, Bo also has 6 attachment points where accesssories can be attached.

    Yana has the following programmable actuators: an eye light-ring for emotions, two full-color ear lights, one speaker with customizable sounds and four IR beacons to advertise itself to other robots. Yana has the following sensors and inputs: an accelerometer and a button. In addition, Yana has three multi-function attachment points to add accessories.

  • How do I contact you?

    Please email us at for any questions, comments and concerns, and we will try our best to attend to your email at the earliest.

  • Will you verify my shipping address in case I move before you ship?

    Yes, we will send an email out before we ship asking you to verify and update your shipping address.

  • How do I cancel my pre-order?

    You may cancel your pre-order any time within 30 days of your order date. If you wish to cancel your pre-order please email with the name and email address associated with your purchase

    We want you to be comfortable with your purchase and care about your customer experience. Once we get closer to shipping your robots, we will publish a revised return and warrantee policy.

  • When will my credit card be charged?

    We will charge your credit card when you make your order.

  • Who did your video?

    The video was produced by Feedback LLC.

  • What are your manufacturing plans?

    Our robots have gone through several iterations on design, and are ready to go to production. We have been in talks with manufacturing partners to take this further. The partners we are speaking with have decades of experience building products with complex engineering — and we will initiate the next steps as soon as we meet our fundraising goal.

  • What are the potential risks and challenges that can impact your project?

    We are very confident in our ability to get these products to you on time. Our team has several years of building complex electronics and consumer products. Our robots are already built with custom parts that we plan to use for the production version as well. We’ve taken every step conceivable to reduce the potential risk in hitting our promised ship date. However, there is always uncertainty when it comes to promising a date in the future — and unforeseen situations can affect our ability to deliver on time. You can be sure that we are committed to delivering our delightful robots on time to your home.

First batch is already sold out.

Pre-order now to receive before Christmas 2014.